How To Make A Website – Easy Step By Step Guide

Making a Website So you’ve got an idea, and you’ve decided that you want to take this idea and run with it in order to get yourself into the online eye as quickly as possible. You know that your content is controversial, eye-catching, emotionally stimulating, hilarious, something that you’re going to have people telling their… Read More »

1 – Register Your Domain

Register Your Domain in 3 Easy Steps Domain name is the most important thing for any online business. So you need to think really hard before you go out there to register for a new domain name. As this is the name your future clients and customers will get to know at first and therefore… Read More »

2 – Hosting Your Website

Hosting Your Website in 3 Easy Steps After you have registered you very own domain, the next step is to put it to use. For this you will require a top web hosting provider that offers excellent service. This is not easy, simply because there are so many of them. However, you can make your… Read More »

3 – Change Name Severs At Domain Registrar

Change Name Severs At Domain Registrar in 6 Easy Steps To change name servers at domain registrar is simple but people hesitate because they feel they will end up messing up their domain, DNS, and Name servers etc. Even though you need to do these things, they are much simpler and easier than initially thought… Read More »

4 – Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress The most important thing to have with any website is an easy way to create and submit content, and to do it in the prettiest way possible (depending on your definition of pretty). To this end, unless you know how to hand-code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and/or PHP, the best and quickest way to… Read More »

5 – Making Your Website Your Own

Making Your Website Your Own If the process of installing WordPress has been successful, you should see the default theme when you visit your website. For a lot of people this may be adequate for getting started, but it should be noted that the look of WordPress can be changed quite dramatically. There are a… Read More »